Direct Care Professional (DCP)

For those who are interested in a career of care and service, direct care professionals not only help provide enriched experiences for the participants they work with, they also gain valuable experience towards their career in caregiving or other healthcare fields. DCPs do not need experience as a care provider to acquire a position. The most important quality a DCP can have is a caring and compassionate personality. Direct Care Professionals provide direct training and other support services to participants. Services include personal hygiene, housekeeping and cooking; as well as following behavioral, medical and individualized service plans.


Director of Clinical Services

The Director of Clinical Services is responsible for ensuring the day to day operations of all developmental disability clinical services and for integration of clinical services in the agency’s programs. In addition, this position ensures that quality ICF/IID services are delivered to consumers in accordance with state and federal regulations.


  • Ensure the integration of quality day-to-day operations of all developmental disability clinical services.
  • Accountable for any relevant clinical portion of survey outcomes and that timely plans of correction are submitted.
  • Responsible for developing and maintaining positive relationships with funding sources and surveyors and also is responsible for maintaining all programmatic and operational records in a manner that complies with all state and federal regulatory agencies.
  • Develop policies and/or procedures to support DD and related clinical operations.



Santa Maria El Mirador is seeking an RN or LPN to provide nursing care to participants with
intellectual disabilities and assure quality of care and adherence to therapeutic standards. This
opening is located in Espanola.
Our nurses promote participants' independence by collaboration with physicians and other
members of the interdisciplinary team within the scope of the license held. They identify,
assess, implement, monitor, document, and evaluate health services activities of participants.
Work Monday through Friday with alternate on-call evenings and weekends.
A full job description is available.



Roberta Vigil

Roberta has worked with SMEM for many years and has developed many strong relationships with participants, co-workers and community members. She currently works in the Day-habilitation program assisting participants with daily life skills and other fun projects designed specifically for each participant.

An experienced and vibrant part of SMEM’s team, one of the most exciting things in her daily work is “the smiles on the client’s faces.” To be able to enhance another individual’s happiness means the most to Roberta, whether it’s assisting with basic daily living activities, taking participants on outings in the communities or just gardening with them!

One of Roberta’s fondest memories is tending to our greenhouse store in Los Luceros off State Road 68. She recalls how it was like a “big party with a purpose — music playing throughout our greenhouses, with participants and staff all working together on specific tasks, getting the plants ready to be sold in our stores.” Her love of gardening is something she shares with her family at home as well. She and her husband find relaxation and stress relief in tending to their garden at home. They also stay busy with their five grandkids and the year-round sports they all play in.

Roberta has seen many stages of SMEM as an organization, and her love and care are exemplary of what SMEM strives to provide to our community and participants.

Lluvia Guerra

Lluvia works overnight shifts in the homes where our participants live.

While working overnight shifts, she is in charge of preparing the house and participants for the coming day and activities. When she does work a day shift, she enjoys doing arts and crafts with the participants and having meaningful interactions with them.

Lluvia was raised in Santa Fe and works as a direct care provider. She began working with SMEM in 2022, and although a relatively new employee, she is familiar with the care and the community SMEM provides. Lluvia’s mother, Marcela, has worked at SMEM for several years and has become a key care provider here. Marcela’s experience and compassion is reflected fully in Lluvia’s attitude and the approach she has to her job responsibilities.

Lluvia also has appreciation and respect for her manager, who, in her words, “always has the participant’s best interests in mind.” She went on to say, “It’s easy to work for a manager that she respects so much.”

Miguel Alderete Junior

Miguel has worked with Santa Maria for several summers. He currently attends NMSU and is home for the summer working with SMEM’s summer maintenance program. This is the first year of the program, with the mission being to hire college students home for the summer to do landscaping, building maintenance and other projects for the facilities. Miguel is helping to keep the homes and offices maintained and beautiful for staff and participants to enjoy. He’s joined by four other students in the program. Previously, Miguel also worked as a front desk administrative assistant with SMEM. He appreciates both roles he’s had at SMEM over the summers, as he values being able to lend a helping hand to whatever the project or task might be. He also appreciates the relative ease of the hiring process and being around familiar faces and friends. Miguel is interested in pursuing a career as a lawyer and he is majoring in political science and philosophy. He’s already completed enough credits to register as a junior after only beginning in his third semester at NMSU! In addition, Miguel enjoys playing sports, off-road vehicles and spending time with friends. SMEM benefits from his “can do” attitude and all the projects he’s helping to get done!


How much does DCP pay?
Starting hourly pay for DCPs is $18 plus vacation time, sick leave and other benefits.
What are age requirements for work?
18 and over — and must be able to pass background check and drug screening
What is Santa Maria El Mirador?
We are a non-profit that operates 16 Intermediate Care Facilities in Northern New Mexico. In these homes, four to five participants live where our staff helps provide daily services in the home and out in the community.
Are flexible schedules available?
Because our facilities are open 24 hours, we do three 12-hour shifts and one 4-hour shift. Overnight and daytime shifts are available.
Is Santa Maria El Mirador a religious organization?
No, we are a private non-profit that provides services to intellectually challenged adults.
Why work at Santa Maria El Mirador?
Because we are a private non-profit, we can respond to the needs of our employees as well as our participants more effectively through policy updates, employee incentives and overall morale-improving approaches to managing operations.