Santa Maria El Mirador is a multi-faceted agency that provides physical, emotional and clinical support to the participants we care for.
The programs we offer are a person-centered approach to his or her continual growth; this allows the participant to be as independent as possible with the proper supports in place.

Home-based services

Within the residence, we focus on teaching:

Live Daily living skills such as household tasks, cooking, cleaning, personal tasks, creating and executing shopping lists, decorating and gardening.
Hygiene Personal hygiene — how to shower properly, brush their teeth, get dressed, pick appropriate seasonal clothing, and personal grooming.
Social Communication skills, appropriate interactions with peers and strangers, living with roommates and having healthy boundaries. At time, socializing can cause high levels of anxiety, and having the right supports in place is key to making the interaction a success.
Money ManagementWhat is the purpose of money, the exchange of goods for money, how to account for their money being spent, how to budget and make good purchase decisions.
Medication AdministrationEducation about their medications — teaching them to identify what they are taking the medication for, its proper administration, side effects to their medications, appointment management and knowledge of their doctors.

Community-based services

In the community, we offer:

Pre-Employment Training (Work-Learn) SMEM has a unique training program that teaches our participants skills to help acquire and maintain a job in the community. This program teaches time management skills, how to stay on task, how to operate in noisy environments and how to interact with a supervisor/coworkers. SMEM also offers work-study programs in its greenhouses and offices as janitorial support to help the participants learn these skills in an environment that they are familiar with so they can graduate to different work environments.
Supportive employmentOur supportive employment program supports SMEM participants once they have acquired a job in the community. Working in the community can be stressful on many levels; to help our participants be successful in their job, we assign direct care staff, managers and job coaches to assist them while at the job site. Our staff is trained by the new employer on their policies and procedures, expectations, uniform requirements, timecard procedures and leave request procedures. Our staff works hand in hand with the participant until they are ready and comfortable to withdraw that support.
Community Dayhab ServicesSMEM’s Dayhab program focuses on our participants learning about their community and how to function in it. This program teaches shopping, attending community functions, voting, paying bills, banking, acquiring hobbies/interests, and sharing those interests with friends and peers.
EducationEach participant has different learning capabilities, and we strive to identify their needs and develop a program that is most beneficial to their individual interests and goals. These programs can vary broadly and include learning their ABCs, number identification and how to read, all the way to supporting participant attendance to high school, college or their choice of trade school and apprenticeships.
Greenhouse ProgramOne of the unique features of Santa Maria El Mirador is our Greenhouse Program. As a part of our Supported Employment Program, our Greenhouse allows our participants to take part in horticulture therapy, while also learning job skills that they can apply in our community.
Our plants reflect industry standards of quality and our greenhouses adhere to the same operational requirements as our corporate competitors. To learn more about our Greenhouses or to make a purchase, please contact us using the contact information below.